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Getting Started as a Seller on DohaBestBuy

Here are Our Seller FAQ'S


What is media on Dohabestbuy


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What is a simple product  on Dohabestbuy

Variable Products

How to add a variable product  on Dohabestbuy


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How to Become a Seller on Dohabestbuy


where can i check my refund orders and what is the process of refund on Dohabestbuy


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Why build an online store?

Doha best buy is a popular store—which makes it a great opportunity for online sellers. In fact, independent third-party sellers sold more than a billion items during the 2020 holiday season alone, using Doha best buy to reach hundreds of millions of customers, build their brands, and grow their business.

Still, it can be a little daunting to start an online business.

One of the best ways to stand out and look good on Doha best buy is to sell your own brand of products. Not only can that give you the opportunity to sell your unique product, but we’ve also built a lot of free tools that allow you to build an online store for your brand, as well as help protect your brand name, showcase your wares, and connect with customers.

In fact, sellers that run their own brand can build an online store that looks entirely different from the typical Doha best buy layout. See an example brand store below.

Which payment gateways can I use?

Any payment gateway can be used to accept payments from customers in the front end at checkout.

In WP-Admin, for vendors to receive automated payment of commissions, Bank transport by 10-15 working days  must be used.

What happens when an order is canceled?

When an order is canceled, a cancellation email is sent to vendors to notify them. Depending on if they have already shipped the item or commission has already been paid, you would need to contact the vendor and work out the details.

Vendors can’t search for all customers?

By default, that is expected behavior. Vendors are only allowed to search for customers of theirs who have either purchased a product from them or are created by them. Vendors cannot search for customers that are not theirs or other vendors.

How do refunds work?

Currently, there is no easy way to track refunds by customers/products as Doha best buy does not have line-level refunds. Therefore you have to take note of this manually and work with the vendors to retrieve the cost.

One way to manage this is to establish a system in which vendors make a deposit to your account and any time there is a refund, you can deduct it from their balance. This saves you from chasing vendors for reimbursement. Instead, you would request that vendors top up their deposit balance.