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About Us

Make More Choices Buying Products Online


Our Vision

We want to make technological services available all over Qatar, There by easing business and logistical challenges.

What is DohaBestBuy ?

Doha Best Buy is an Ecommerce Market Place where you can Buy and Sell Products across Qatar .


Our Mission

We mission is to to digitalize your shopping experiences, a platform to the people of Qatar, where they can purchase a wide range of products and services, at the ease of their fingertips.

What we really do?

We want to facilitate Ecommerce across Qatar, Customer will have access to wide Dohabestbuy, We help our vendors to reach a magnitude of audiences, and deliver right at their Door Steps, Following all COVID19 Norms.

History of the Company

DOHA BEST BUY was started about 11 years ago back in 2010, Throughout our journey our motto has always been “Providing the best products and the best shopping experience to the people of Qatar. Our company is supported by advanced technology to support trending features, so that it provides a brand new shopping experience.


What can we do for you ?

“DOHA BEST BUY” Offers 24 hour support service to it’s customers, We try to respond to your queries and doubts as soon as they get to our notice. We have a support page, where you can contact us regarding your queries. you can post your queries  here

We assure that products sold on our website are of best Quality. Quality is our biggest priority, when it comes to both the quality of the product and quality of the service provided. “Doha Best Buy” offers a quality experience to its customers, and makes sure that customer is satisfied with both the product and the service.

On “Doha Best Buy” we provide the fastest delivery service, We take utmost care while delivering your product, customer satisfaction is our top priority, And on time delivery is every customer’s wish. So we try our best to fulfil your wish of getting the fastest and the best delivery service possible.

Our customer care service include:

  • Query support –
    You can inquire about product information, delivery service, return and refund policy etc.
    You can contact us and post your queries  here
  • You can also go through our “FAQ” page, where you might find a solution for almost any problem.
    Please access it here.

Since the very beginning of “Doha Best Buy” we have served more than 100,000  satisfied customers. We never failed to provide the best service to every customer who had ever visited our website.

Cooperate with Us!

We want you to cooperate with us, so that we can establish a smooth service flow.
You can support us by giving genuine reviews and ratings for the products you’ve purchased on “Doha Best Buy” .For any queries or  support, Please contact us here